The Farmer’s Carry

Farmer’s Carry

A true test of grip strength and might, the farmers carry offers NO WHERE to hide when it comes to this simple yet devastatingly challenging form of work. When substantially heavy weights are used (compared to ones current strength level), the Farmer’s walk generously offers multitudes of musculoskeletal loading at a relentless 9.8 m/s². The weight of the world, so to speak, is entirely in your hands. Those possessing a grip of Samson and feet of flight will fare quite well in this exercise, contrarily, those who are more tortoise in nature with a decreased level of grip strength will find only misery in trying to complete the Farmer’s course.

Fear not though, because you have chosen to challenge yourself with the Farmer’s carry, the payoffs in strength increases and character building are exponential. Not only will finger, hand, forearm, upper arm, shoulder and trapezious muscle groups gain proper stimulation, the ENTIRE body receives benefit. Large increases of strength/endurance and work capacity of the lower back, abdomen, hips, leg extensor and flexor groups and calves are noted. The static nature of holding a large load in hand, creates an ideal environment for finger tendon strength. The result: the next time you shake a man’s hand, Crush and Crunch!

*To Power Club members, get “comfortable” with the Farmer’s Carry, because this is one exercise that will remain as a staple throughout our endeavors together.