Ultra-Abbreviated Training


*Bob Peoples born in 1910 – World Record Dead-lift holder for 20 years, weightlifting mentor of the Mighty Paul Anderson, and a Tennessee farmer who trained in his barn with homemade barbells! His training often focused on 5-6 “working” sets of Dead-lifts and nothing else.

*No other two exercises offer the mountainous amounts of muscle mass stimulation like heavy SQUATs and DEAD-LIFTs.

*Productive, SMART strength training is accomplished by stimulating the greatest amounts of large muscle mass in the shortest amount of time with the highest intensity.

*Heavy Dead-lifts and Squats stimulate EVERY large muscle group in the body (Leg and Back Specialization) .

*With these 2 exercises as the backbone of programming,  trainees achieve Herculean muscular development and strength. It is the epitome of “Abbreviated Training”.

*Ultra-Abbreviated Training allows one to utilize tremendous focus and energy on training sessions consisting of 2-3 movements without being bogged down by complex marathon workouts and hundreds of bunny weight repetitions.

*One may use this general guide to generate short intense workouts for many years.

Power Club General Training

*Always keep training Heavy, Intense, Progressive and Dense (Do not rest excessively between sets or exercises), and Do Ab work!

*Simple, Simple, Simple!!! Throughout history, the STRONGEST men on the planet have proven time and time again, SIMPLE ABBREVIATED TRAINING works. It works for the ADVANCED, the BEGINNER, the 90lb WEAKLING, the PROFESSIONAL, the AVERAGE JOE and it will work for YOU!

*COMMON SENSE, HARD WORK AND PROPER REST AND NUTRITION are the only secrets to strength, muscle and power.