Meanwhile back on the farm…

Consistency and Progressive Overload

Above all, a dedicated trainee is one who sticks to their goals, visualizes success and is not quick to abandon a program. Far too often, trainees will jump ship after only 4-6 weeks of hard training because results were not realized quickly enough for them. Adaptation, especially for advanced trainees is a slow and tedious process. Beginners to a serious strength training program have the advantage in that their body will adapt quickly to the new stimulus of heavy weights coupled with a demanding protocol. Dramatic increases in strength and body composition are not uncommon after 4-6 weeks of solid training in such individuals. Compound that with the genetically gifted, and mass monsters are created in no time! For the rest of us mere mortals, and those who have been at the iron game for the majority of our lives, we have to work a little bit smarter and not always necessarily harder.

Advanced strength and power athletes have endured years of high intensity stress adaptations to their bone structure, neuro-musculature and mental capabilities in regards to training. Their mindset, intensity and abilities to recruit massive amounts of muscle tissue efficiently are extremely fine tuned. Hence the amazing numbers of such individuals: squats of greater than 500 pounds, dead lifts over 600 pounds and bench pressing 400 or more pounds. The experience of such individuals is typically vast and encompassing numerous training protocols over the years. Ultimately though, every one of the strong men will always revert to the basics! The stronger one is, the simpler the training must be and less time is required to keep increasing strength. How can that be? Read on to find out.

Incredibly strong men have a few things in common. All approach their training with ferocious purpose. All use heavy weights consistently week after week. All stick to basic, compound movements that stimulate the greatest amounts of muscle mass possible. All consistently add weight to the bar every single chance they get, and if they are not adding weight, they are adding extra repetitions. Either way, they are actively seeking to increase work capacity in some fashion. All men know how to eat! No one can maintain lean body mass and strength on twigs and bark. Wholesome homemade foods and lots of them, will have you built like a brick s*it house 100% of the time.

Finally, all strong men will never fix what ain’t broken! If your program and exercise selection is making you stronger, stick to it! There are absolutely no Russian secrets to training or latest and greatest breakthroughs. The most relevant information one can read is from our fore fathers in iron. Pick up a vintage article from the 1930’s, 40’s or 50’s. Those men achieved massive physiques on little more than homemade barbells and basic exercises. Once again, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Jumping from program to program month after month will retard your progress faster than you can whistle dixie.

Stick with it!

I’ll see you all next Monday, with ten more pounds on the bar.