Lemon City Abdominal Training


Lemon City Abdominal & Lower Back Protocol

STEP 11 exercise from “GROUP A” and 2 exercises from “GROUP B“.

STEP 2: Next training session VICE VERSA.

STEP 3: Repeat “STEP 1“.

*Protocol to be followed 2-3 x each week.

Lower back and abdominal strength is the absolute foundation of all the body’s power. Training of abdominals must be HEAVY, LOW REPETITION and CONSISTENT, just as we train our major muscle groups. Hundreds of bodyweight “crunches” does nothing for building strength or muscular mass in these VITAL anatomical areas. Definition of the abdominal musculature is accomplished through diet resulting in a low percentage of body fat. Spot fat reduction of “belly fat” through excessive sit-ups is NOT possible and an urban myth.